10 Awful Hairstyles That Shouldn’t Have Existed


Many people use fashion to express themselves and get as creative as possible. Hairstyles, clothing, shoes –both men and women like to change them and play with different styles. Today the possibilities are limitless and you can experiment with your hair as much as you want. Want to rock blue hair or paint your head the colors of rainbow? You can do that too! Will it look great? You can only try and see for yourself. Women often use hairstyles to tell the world who they are – tomboys, rockers, hippies, emos, etc. With wigs, extensions, braids, ribbons and beads, they can create any kind of hairstyle depending on their mood. Nevertheless, some hairstyles are just too much. They are either too extravagant or downright weird. Here are 10 crazy haircuts you should never ever try.



Beyond creative
Some hairstyles are just too much. It’s not that they are ugly, they are just too complicated for everyday life and will look very strange outside of the fashion runway. Some of them remind of art galleries with elements of impressionism, cubism, asymmetry and crazy coloring. They are truly artistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but modern women can’t afford to spend so much time on a hairstyle – it should be cared for everyday non-stop. It’s best to leave such extravagant haircuts for fashion shows.



Tomato head
Veggies and fruits are tasty and help us keep fit, that’s a fact. But should we use their image beyond that? Here’s a hairstyle that is as peculiar as one can imagine. You may wonder – who would want to wear such a look? The answer is – a person that’s really into tomatoes. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why you’d want to rock hair like that. One thing we can tell for sure – hair like this is not for every day. It might work for clubs, but imagine rocking this look in a café where you just want to grab a cup of cappuccino? It’s too attention-grabbing.

Let’s admit that Asians are into some really crazy things. Whether it’s square watermelons, giant robots or white strawberries, we can all agree that they come up with some really bizarre inventions. Hair is no exception! Not only do they make mad scientific discoveries, they also like to create truly crazy looks. Hands holding your head – why not? But as cool as it may seem, it’s best not to replicate this look at home. It’s just too much.



The Slinky do
We all know that dreads can look cool and beautiful when done the right way. Yet lately people have started experimenting with ‘traditional’ hairstyles, creating new ones that look bolder and more peculiar. This neo punk look seems to have been inspired by trippings of a hippie and alien tentacles. It has crazy colors and isn’t chic at all. It is also awfully heavy and it will be a real pain to sleep with all this hair on your head. It’s a big no-no for most of the girls.

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