10 Awful Hygiene Mistakes Most Women Make Everyday


Taking a super-hot shower
While taking a hot shower after a long day at work is one of the best things on Earth, it can also cause damage to your skin. It’s true that hot water helps your muscles relax and is a great way to reduce stress level, but if you stay in a hot shower for too long, your skin can become dry and, eventually, flaky. It’s most damaging for the sensitive skin on your face and hands. It’s essential that you apply some kind of moisturizer to your body and face to help repair skin.



Exfoliating on a regular basis
Most women (and guys as well) want beautiful smooth skin and can go to great lengths in order to achieve this. Girls can buy dozens of products if they believe they will help their skin look better. Women with flaky skin often use exfoliating products to smooth out skin and get rid of flakes of dry skin. While this does help the skin look better, most women don’t realize just how unhealthy this product is if used too often. Exfoliants can cause small cuts that can later become irritated. Exfoliating too much can also cause skin breakouts.

Using a dirty smartphone
This is one of the more modern skincare hazards that most women don’t even consider a threat to their wellbeing. The truth is you are probably using your smartphone everywhere you go 24/7, especially if you’re using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… you get the idea. With your smartphone being an extension of your arm, you can only image just how much bacteria it collects throughout the day. And then you make or receive a call and all these nasty creatures end up on your face. Yucky, right? Use disinfecting wipes to keep your phone and your skin clean.



Skipping the post-workout shower
Getting yourself to hit the gym on a regular basis is a big deal, but there’s one more thing you should never forget. Getting a post-workout shower is a must no matter how tired you are. You might be tempted to skip it after a few hours of running and doing push-ups and whatnot, but it is essential that you wash off all that workout sweat from your skin. If you skip the shower, you’ll end up smelling bad and it can also become a source of acne.