10 Awful Hygiene Mistakes Most Women Make Everyday


Using scented body products
We rarely think about extra chemicals in our body lotions and shower gels, but that’s something all women should be worried about. It might be pleasant to smell like vanilla or an apple pie, but scented products are not that great when it comes to the stuff they’re made of. And if you’re layering them, the scent can become overpowering and you won’t feel that great after all. All you need is a bit of perfume and deodorant to smell great, so you should really think about using unscented body products that are more natural and won’t damage your skin.



Bad shaving technique
There’s so much that can go wrong with shaving. First of all, it’s important to change your razor regularly so you don’t end up cutting yourself. But if you do get a nick, it’s very important to treat it like any other wound. Clean it and use a band aid so it doesn’t get infected. Another thing you should remember is that it’s best to use a special shaving cream instead of soap. Soap dries the skin, while shaving cream has a moisturizing effect that is great for your skin.

Sleeping with contacts on
Contacts are a great alternative for glasses – people can actually see your eye makeup when you’re wearing them! Nevertheless, you need to be careful not to fall asleep while wearing contact lenses. You might have already had that experience and you know just how gross contacts feel in your eyes after a short nap. Just imagine what it would feel like after a whole night’s sleep? If you sleep with your contacts on, bacteria will build up in your eyes and that’s something you really don’t want for yourself. Contacts can also get stuck after you sleep with them and cause all kinds of irritations. Taking your contacts off is just as important as washing off your makeup!



Using expired makeup
We get so attached to our favorite makeup products that sometimes it seems impossible to throw out the half-full foundation bottle that’s already expired. It still looks and feels okay, so what could go wrong? The answer is – everything. No girl likes to replace her favorite makeup, but the truth is all those makeup expiration dates are there for a reason. Also, if you hold onto your makeup items for too long, you’ll end up with products that are packed with bacteria. No matter how careful you are with your powder and sponges, they will get old and bacteria-infested as time passes by.

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