10 Best Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Whether you have naturally small eyes, hungover, or just always struggling on your morning commute to look fully awake, we have the remedies to make them dazzling again. Here are some vital hacks to revitalize those windows to your soul, making them stand out more, and giving your eyes life again.



1. Put cold tea bags over your eyes – personally, we love green and chamomile for their soothing and rejuvenating effects. Tannins are in tea, which tighten your skin and make you look more awake, i.e makes those babies look more youthful and bigger!



2. A bold liner on your upper waterline, when applying liner. The upper waterline is the inner part of your upper eyelid – dry it, and line it with black liner – it makes your lashes look fuller, and eyes look vibrantly open and sultry, opening them up and enhancing your color.

3. Liquid or gel liners are your friend – it’s all about the flick. The flick is those elegant, stretched out wisps that elongate your eyes. Gel gives you more control over the flick than liquid does, as does the angled tip.



4. Use an eyelash curler, and keep it close to the eyelid. This will lengthen your lashes in the natural way if you don’t want to go the lengthening via mascara shortcut.

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