10 Best Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


5. Go peach instead of white. People often think that white liner makes your eyes look bigger, but it can wash you out and give the opposite effect, sometimes. Peach is a little softer and will be less startling than a pure white. It’s like a highlighter that gives you an instant lift through the inner rims of your eyes, hiding circles or tired-looking eyes.



6. Try to stick with more neutral eyeshadow tones that compliments your skin tone rather than darker shades. A too-severe color can make your eyes look tiny and is basically doing the same thing that dark circles do. Stay away!

7. The time that it is ok to use white is when dabbing the inner corner of your eye – but semi sheer with a little bit of sparkle – it opens up your eyes from the inside, and makes them look fresh and dewy. Tired eyes, try this.