10 Women You Should Follow for Major Hair Inspiration


With summer finally here, it’s annoying to wade through the sea of beauty and style bloggers and find the true “it” girls that are rocking the looks that we’re dying to try. These gals are worth a follow for their innovative hair statements and overall dopeness.



1. The shots, her style, and the coloring are what puts this long-haired mermaid at the top of our list. We love her weird purple-grey, extra long hair and want to try out that color right now. Also, her braid creativity and styling is on point and would be so dreamy for all those summer weddings coming up.



2. Joyjah is a natural-haired beauty from Belize, and she will give your hair inspo for days! Whether it’s braids, ideas on how to rock curly pigtails, or perfecting your baby hairs Joy can show you what to do with that mop of curls atop your head.

3. This wild rebel child of NYC tops Cara Delevingne, and her amazing close buzz-cut is part of that. We love when it’s dyed pink – if you’re thinking of shaving it all off, look to this ultimate IG cool girl for some mega inspiration.



4. This bizarre lil’ cutie isn’t buzzed all the way like Slick’s, but has an awesome pixie cut in a pink shade that’s to die for. Skater girls and punk-lovers, watch out for this look! Looks so editorial with a fur coat or a right hat. Low maintenance with a statement.

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