6 Simple Tips to Lose Up to 20kg this Winter


3. Walk an extra mile
Are you taking a bus to work? Get off at a stop before yours and walk the rest of the distance. Driving? Park further away and stroll down to your school or office the rest of the way. Walking is not only a great exercise to clear your mind and set you in a proper mood for the rest of the day – it is also an activity that will help you burn a few extra calories. Isn’t it fantastic?
6 tips to lose up to 20kg this winter 003

4. Kiss the carbs goodbye
I am sorry girl, but carbs have to go. They basically only add to your weight – that is mainly their job. Carbs are hiding in your diet and are working against you? They have got to go. Don’t quit cold-turkey – we recommend going on a low-carb diet first. Figure out what your body can and cannot live without and adjust accordingly. You can do it!
6 tips to lose up to 20kg this winter 004