6 Simple Tips to Lose Up to 20kg this Winter


5. Get plenty of rest
During weight loss it is important to always go-go-go and to keep yourself busy and organized. This process is also very stressful on both your body and mind. A lot of familiar things are not going to be there anymore, like ice-cream on Sundays or taco Tuesdays. You have to give yourself plenty of rest and keep a consistent sleep schedule. This will help your body to recoup and to take on a new great day!
6 tips to lose up to 20kg this winter 005

6. Look straight ahead
Set some goals for yourself and keep yourself in check. Want to involve social media and post your progress up on Facebook? Go for it! Want to Instagram your workout’s before and after? For sure! Be your own harsh but fair judge. Personal accountability is a big one when it comes to lifestyle change and you, my friend, can totally do it flawlessly!
6 tips to lose up to 20kg this winter 006

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