7 Craziest Nail Trends We’ve Seen This Year


Pom pom nails
Now this trend just made us smile! As it should – ladies glued pom-poms to their nails and honestly, it looks kind of fun. Depends on the party you are going to we recommend you totally go for some pom-poms on those nails! So. Adorable!



Mirrored nails
For those of us who are always searching for a mirror nearby this trend is a lifesaver. Ladies, we give you the mirrored nails. You can achieve this effect by using a special chrome powder and a lot of determination – lots of work but so worth it. Are you intrigued yet? Let us know how it goes!

Oil spill nails
This one sounds dangerous but it actually looks kind of awesome! And you can totally DIY it! Metallic colors work best but you can try out something different. Mixed colors go well with almost any outfit – what more can we ask for? Holographic trend IRL – we love it!

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