7 Surprising Dieting Myths


In our crazy strive to look great and get the body of our dreams we often get blindsided by quick fixes, diet swaps, and just a lot of fake tips and tricks that promise instant results. Navigating the world of proper nutrition that will help with weight loss is not easy these days. There’s a lot of information and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. To make your life a bit easier we’ve compiled a list of 7 surprising diet myths, so you won’t have to waste your time on them in the future.

1. Eating Less – Lose More
The basic idea is to create a caloric deficit, so that you will lose some weight. But there is a line you shouldn’t cross. You should never just skip meals or starve yourself. The truth is, your body needs a certain amount of calories just to function. You know, walking, breathing, your heart working – all of this takes energy and you need to have enough. So do yourself a favor, use a calorie calculator and find out how much calories do you need based on your age, height and weight to maintain the weight you are now and then go from there. And remember if you go too low in calories that will just slow down your metabolism, and losing weight will become even harder.

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