7 Surprising Dieting Myths


2.Eating 5 meals a day will boost your metabolism.
It might at first, but overtime you’ll just exhaust your digestive system because it will be working non-stop. Some also argue that eating small meals throughout the day means you’ll never have the time to fully digest your food and therefore you won’t be getting all the nutrients you could. Basically there’s no actual proof that eating small meals throughout a day instead of three main meals will make you lose weight. It’s just a matter of personal preference.



3. Exercising means you can eat whatever you want.
A lot of people believe that if they do like half an hour of exercising or do a little jog now and then they’re going to lose massive amounts of weight not matter what they eat. That is simply not true. Exercising is important for growing and maintaining your muscles and making your strong and lean in the long run. But unless you’re an actual athlete that trains heavily every day, you won’t be burning enough calories to eat whatever you like. Diet always comes first. Weight loss is 80% healthy diet and only 20% exercise.

4. Cutting dairy will help with weight loss.
Sure, if you eat cheesecake or a block of cheese every day cutting it out will help. Otherwise – not so much. People assume that dairy products are high in fat and therefore cutting them will help them shed those pounds. In reality milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese can actually help you lose weight.