9 Christmas Makeup Ideas for Your Inspiration


Christmas might be a family holiday, but it’s also the most festive holiday of all. Everyone dresses up, decorate their homes and generally puts a lot of effort into looking lovely and festive. It’s also a great time to play around with your makeup and go for a more dramatic look. No one will judge you, since everything about Christmas is over the top. So, keeping that in mind, we thought it would be cool to supply you with a couple of Christmas makeup ideas that might inspire you to be bold and beautiful this year.



1. Gold eyeshadow is very popular around Christmas time, but if you’d like to stand out even more, you could try using gold eyeshadow with a metallic finish. You’ll definitely feel unique this way and since it’s already such a statement eye look you can keep the rest of your makeup minimal.
9 Christmas Makeup Ideas for Your Inspiration 1



2. Bronze eye makeup has been in trend for ages now and it’s not going away. It looked awesome in the summer, but it also looks great in the winter, it definitely acquires a more festive feel to it in the colder months. Pair it with a nude lip and you’ve got yourself a festive yet subdued look.
9 Christmas Makeup Ideas for Your Inspiration2

3. A classic Christmas look is gold eyes and red lips, but if you want to spice things up a bit you can add some green onto your bottom eyelid. It’s subtle enough not to look crazy, but definitely adds a special something to the whole look and takes it up a notch.
9 Christmas Makeup Ideas for Your Inspiration3

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