9 Eyebrow-Obsessed IG Accounts Makeup Lovers Need To Follow


It’s no shock – good eyebrows are a trend that will never go out of fashion. In the old days, it used to be about getting the perfect pencil thin brow. Now, it’s all about thick and flawlessly groomed brows. So someone made an IG dedicated to your severe brow porn addiction with everything from epic tutorials to breathtaking inspiration.



1. The wonders of microblading as demonstrated. A trend that we’ve all heard so much about, but have yet to see done on someone. For those curious, there are plenty of mind-bending microblading vids on this account to ease your mind.

Wow ???????????? By : @microblading_ana #eyebrowtutorial#browgame#browgoals#eyebrows#after#microblading#perfection#fleeky#fleekybrows#browartist

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2. And what about this beauty @Hudabeauty who owns some magical symmetry devices to help get her eyebrows absolutely perfect? We have no idea where she got such cool utensils, but this seems a little high maintenance for brows. You’d need a tool kit instead of a makeup case. Still mesmerizing to watch.

@hudabeauty ????????

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3. Or this babe who fell from the angels with bold highlighter skills – she could cut us with those cheekbones, seriously. The highlighter seems to frame her stunning brow and its flawless gradient. We gotta give this cherubic QT props.


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