9 Eyebrow-Obsessed IG Account Makeup Lovers Need To Follow


4. Ugh. We want everything from her dreamy year-round nail color to her thick brunette brows. Especially next to that jet black straight hair and paired with a sneaky tail on her eyeliner, she is all of our robustly-browed fantasies. This is a femme fatale look that we can get behind.

This is goalss ????????

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5. Or the time that gold-lined eyebrows didn’t look terrible and this girl needed up looking like a prices. Not sure how this would turn out if we tried an elegant gold line under our brow line (less precise princess, more bad prom makeup), but they have a tutorial for everything on here, so we have faith.

I want thiss ????✨ #eyebrowtutorial#browsarelife#browgame#browgoals#flawless

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6. Threading, highlighting, shadowing, tweezing, this chick has it down, and we can learn it all from her! Looking at her before pic, we have hope that she can pass on these supreme skills to us. A little more natural and brow-centric rather than the makeup aspect, if you’re into that.


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