9 Habits That Damage Our Health Without Us Even Noticing


7. Treating Pain With A Hot Water Bottle
Using a hot water bottle or an ice-pack is one of the most common household remedies for pain, and sure, it works in certain situations, but there’s a lot of injuries that and conditions that could be made worse by these sort of treatments. For example, what you might mistake for a cramp could be an acute abdomen inflammation like appendicitis, that won’t be cured by a hot water bottle or an ice-pack, it could actually get worse. Sprains and injuries also should not be treated with a hot water bottle for the first couple of hours or in some cases even days.



8. Wearing Open Footwear In Cities
You’re probably already thinking “but what am I supposed to wear in the summer?” After all, it is the season for sandals, flip flops and open-toe shoes. Well, it’s up to you if you want to take the risk of getting your feet stepped on or cut, and potentially infected. Just think about all the bacteria on the streets and how easy it would be for it to get into your bloodstream through a tiny cut on your foot.

9. Drinking Too Much Water
Water is life, and we definitely need healthy amounts of it to function properly. We’re sure you’ve seen those pictures that show people are 80% water. But that doesn’t mean you should drink half your weight in water. We generally drink when we’re thirsty and that really is enough for our body. You’ll definitely benefit from switching up your soda and coffee to water, but making yourself drink too much water can be bad for you, especially if you have kidney problems or cardiovascular issues.

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