A 4-Minute Workout That Is Worth an Hour at the Gym


We all want to look great and feel great. Who doesn’t want a perfect body, am I right? However unless you’re just genetically gifted with a great metabolism and a great body, you’re going to have to work for it. That’s right, you’re going to have to exercise, at least a little. Most people, when they hear the word “exercise” immediately think of going to the gym, and then come the excuses. And I get it, we don’t always have time for gym, and let’s be real, gym takes up a lot of time. You have to get there first, change, exercise, shower and then make yourself presentable all over again. That can take hours. But what if I told you that you can stay in shape by doing a 4 minute workout? That’s right, it only takes 4 minutes to work out all your major muscles and burn some extra calories. But for those 4 minutes you’ve got to push yourself to the max. Ready? Here are the 5 exercises you have to do.



Jumping Jacks – 45 seconds
You probably know how to do jumping jacks. Every kid knows this exercise. It seems easy, but try doing it for 45 seconds at maximum effort and you’ll find out exactly how tiring it is. Jumping jacks are great for improving your muscular endurance, they work out big muscle groups and are generally a great cardio exercise.

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