A 4-Minute Workout That Is Worth an Hour at the Gym


Squats – 1 minute
Everyone is after a nice, firm booty these days and squats are a great way of achieving it. Form is very important when doing squats. Stand with your feet slightly more than a shoulder width apart, hold your back straight and ab muscles tight. As you begin to squat lean forward a bit and push your bum back out. Make sure your knees don’t push over your toes. Squeeze your butt on the way up for maximum results.

Push ups – 30 seconds
Push ups are a well known exercise, but it’s also not an easy one to do. Start with your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and your whole body in a straight line. The idea is to keep your abs tense, your butt in line with your body and lower yourself down until your chest almost touches the floor and then push back up. However it’s easier said than done. So if you’re a beginner start with your hands more than shoulder width apart, or instead of being on your toes, lower yourself down to your knees. This way you’ll still be working your abs, chest and arms, but it’ll be slightly easier.