Beautiful Instagram Makeup Artist Creates Zodiac Looks For Each Sign


This flawless Capricorn look, for instance. Capricorns are notoriously stubborn, and her horns along with that intense Maleficent makeup is making us feel so many things. Her caption reads “no mountain is ever high enough for her to climb.” We believe it!



Don’t mess with this bull! Hosseini’s amazing winged eyeliner and meticulously stenciled eyebrows with a chocolate look. Paired with mini gold horns and septum ring are the icing on the cake.

Love the sass in that wink! The slightly ‘90s defined liner and neutral lip contrast with a dreamy shady that’s pierced with a soft cerulean. Her bronzer skill really shines through and those white dots are just subtle enough to work. Earrings in mini buns is also a super cute idea that we’re going to steal.