Beautiful Instagram Makeup Artist Creates Zodiac Looks For Each Sign


This look is so trippy! Everyone that has two sides to their personality will definitely understand her interpretation of this sign. On one side, she looks like a polished doppelganger to Irina Shayk, and on the right a feisty, beauty-marked goth goddess that’s definitely up to some mischief. As Hosseini says: “forever battling mystical forces of left and right”.



Woah. This look is totally Avatar with a Snookie bump-it twist, and we’re pretty into it. The pink
glitter collarbone sheen is also so early 2000’s but makes her look like a fairy, and we want to wear it to work tomorrow. The geometric forehead art paired with vivid blue brows is so unique!

And who says that you can’t rock this look any day of the week?

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