Guys in Makeup: 12 Pics That Put Women to Shame


Women are known for their love for makeup. Some of them are truly addicted to tips, tricks and advice on how to create various types of makeup. YouTube and Instagram offer millions of tutorials that gain just as much views from girls all over the world. Yet you’ll be surprised to find out that guys are just as eager to try new makeup looks. Some of them have perfected their skills to an incredible extent and have become real professionals in the art of makeup. They apply eye shadow, use gorgeous contouring techniques and can rock all kinds of lipstick. If you think that sounds a bit strange, just take a look at some of these photos that have been roaming the web for quite some time now. Some of these men even became faces of CoverGirl! Here are 12 guys that wear makeup better than all women combined.



Manny Gutierrez rocking flawless makeup
Manny Gutierrez is a real makeup guru and you can easily see why he has millions of fans both on YouTube and Instagram. His videos are just as impeccable as his face and gain thousands of views every day. Wearing pink eye shadow and lipstick is not an easy thing to do, but Manny rocks it like there’s no tomorrow. His contouring technique is perfect and his subtle stubble only adds to the coolness of the look.



James Charles the Drama Queen
The newest face of CoverGirl is truly spectacular. James has blown away the makeup world with his gorgeous-looking face and impeccable makeup techniques. He proves that makeup is not about gender and anyone can wear it the way they want to. He mixes glam and Goth in an elegant and truly beautiful way. And the color of that lipstick is to die for!

Angel Merino and his impeccable facial hair
Angel Merino looks like a Hollywood superstar and has everything figured out. He’s a real magician when it comes to hair – his eyebrows are sleek, the hair is done impeccably and the facial hair is trimmed and gorgeous. Angel is wearing a gorgeous hue of pink lipstick and his lashes are just striking. Not every girl can pull off this look!



Boy George in greed, gold and red
Boy George is the embodiment of fabulousness and style. He carried on what Bowie has started and became the new proud icon of style. During the time when men wearing eye shadow was still something new, he wore it with confidence and did his own thing. He rocks his own look till this very day and knows how to masterfully turn gender on its head.

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