Incredibly Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos You’ll Want To Get


6. Combining watercolor tattoos with geometric lines always looks incredible. I mean, just look at these paper cranes.



7. Perhaps you’d like to get your spirit animal tattooed on yourself? That panda looks freaking adorable, and who doesn’t like pandas?



8. Watercolor tattoos are great at filling in backgrounds and making the tattoo stand out. You can probably easily imagine both of these tattoos as just black, only the outlines, and they’d still look cool, but the watercolor background certainly adds some flair.

9. Flowers look especially soft and elegant when done in the watercolor style. Who said tattoos can’t be girly as hell?



10. You can also incorporate your profession or passion into your watercolor tattoos. For example if you’re a musician the option on the left seems perfect for you. If you’re a scientist – the option on the right looks pretty rad, doesn’t it?