Max Milly – Digital Artist You Have to Follow on Instagram


Let’s just admit it – Instagram took over our lives and we do not mind at all. Thousands of people create accounts daily, posting their arts and crafts, showing us their mad makeup skills, or even just their day-to-day lives. Some are better than others – some are followed by more people than others. But there is one artist that has been taking over Instagram with his aesthetically orgasmic posts. The first post of the talented Max Milly was in March 2012, and he has gained over 60k followers since. His works showcase how much makeup is an art form. Warning: you might see double in this post. Also warning: you might want to tattoo all of his work on your body. We will not judge you at all if you do.



1. We decided to shoot right to your heart with this one. Gorgeous work!
Digital Artist You Have to Follow on Instagram_01



2. How someone can accentuate beauty in such a gentle manner is beyond us! The second he starts doing private tutoring – we are there.
Digital Artist You Have to Follow on Instagram_02

3. The accents on this one are on point! And how about that background that complements the art so well? Unbelievable!
Digital Artist You Have to Follow on Instagram_03



4. That shadow though! If only our shadows can be cast as perfectly as this piece. The detailing on the nose is truly incredible.
Digital Artist You Have to Follow on Instagram_04

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