Plus Size Women Rocking Short Hemlines Prove Every Body Is Beautiful


People sometimes have an idea of what curvier ladies should wear. Some people might think they should cover up, or stick with “slimming” silhouettes, or the color black, hiding their big and beautiful bodies. We’re here to say, to hell with the body-shaming, show off that sexy!



1. Curves are a blessing and they weren’t meant to be hid. Here’s how some of the more buxom goddesses like to rock their hemlines. Like this pleated mini leather which would look badass (with tights or without) for the fall season. We love the flounce on a full-bodied gal and give it a 10/10.



2. Yes, it’s possible to not have a Keira Knightley supermodel body, and still rock hemlines that are sexy. Men love voluptuous bodies anyway, so if anyone was meant to wear these flirty silhouettes, we’re pretty sure it’s plus size babes!

3. First off, the gams on chicks with a little more meat. Why not show them off in a barely-there caftan that grazes right below your naughty bits. Let your curvaceous thighs and well rounded calves get the attention they deserve in a saucy tropical number like this!

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