Simple Guide to Highlight Your Face


Every girl knows makeup essentials: the translucent foundation, a little amount of blush and finishing powder. But recently a new revolutionary item was added to this list. Meet the genius innovation of the 21st Century that helps you whether you are seeking that easy, casual look that makes you a stand-out OR… maybe you are seeking that glamorous, gala party look that speaks ultimate beauty – the runway, the Academy Award Red Carpet! Believe it or not this beauty product will make you look totally different. It will add irresistible glow to your skin, brighten up your eyes and finally will give you that needed amount of dewiness and freshness to your face.

how to highlught your face

Using the highlighter is the best way to sculpt perfect cheek-bones and make your nose look thinner. The main goal in using this beauty item is to achieve that reflectively dewy look like you just moisturized your skin.


There’s one simple trick you need to know in choosing the right highlighter. Place a small amount of it at the back of your hand and then check if the product gives your skin a slight sheen. If it does, you’ve got it right, but if you look like you’re covered in glitter,  if it makes you look kinda pasty, just try again and go lighter this time! The next thing you need to note while you are at the cosmetics counter is how to properly apply pearl particles. To check to see if you have the right amount and size particles apply, then take a look at your hand with a good light cast on the area where you applied the particles to give the experience of bright sun on your skin. For best results the smaller the particles the more glowing your skin will be.


Your cosmetic bag is starting to bulge with all the great products you’ve purchased. Now it’s time to learn some great techniques on how to apply these extraordinary products to give you the absolute best results. Lucky you! Here’s a step-by-step guide that teaches you the inside tricks of contouring your face and highlighting all your great assets – eyes, cheekbones while downplaying or redoing those things you consider your beauty liabilities e.g. maybe a nose. It can be as easy as using a highlighter (among the many simple, easy to use products you have purchased!)


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