Stop Doing These 10 Things or You Will Never Lose Weight


Being in good shape is a great way to stay healthy. While some people want to get toned, most of us just want to lose weight and keep it off in the future. While the principle is simple – burn more calories than you consume – getting rid of those last couple kilograms can be just a nightmare. As always devil is in the details and you might not realize that you are sabotaging your own weight loss. Stop doing this ten things and your weight loss will become very easy.



1. Not enough water
Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water is the key to a healthy weight loss. One thing that many forget is to adjust the water intake to yourself and your current activity level. While 2 liters of water is a standard minimum, you should drink more if it is summer time or hot weather plus add extra water when you have intensive workouts.



2. Overestimating your activity
While evaluating daily activity, we tend to overestimate how many calories we are burning. If you think walking a dog in a park for 15 minutes will be enough, you are wrong. You need to move around every hour especially if you have a sitting job. A quick stretch in the morning and in the afternoon will improve your wellbeing and speed up weight loss.

3. Too much healthy food
Switching to healthy food is a great step toward healthier you but you should remember about calories too! Avocado, for example, has all necessary fats and is super good for you but the whole fruit is 200 calories which you usually forget. Remember to eat healthy and keep your portions reasonable.



4. No weight training
One of the top tips for weight loss is to go full steam ahead with cardio. While cardio helps you to shed off that extra fat it only works when you workout. To increase your passive calorie spend, you need to build more muscles. It doesn’t mean getting bulky but being able to do a pushup or work with your body weight.

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