10 Hottest Instagram Models Before Plastic Surgery


We’ve all seen the classic IG girl that is the envy of girls, and the desire of guys. They’ve practically replaced supermodels and have millions of followers on social media – and what’s the reason for that? Loads of cosmetic surgery, apparently! These ladies went from average-looking to supermodel and their internet fame skyrocketed – check out the most dramatic transformations below.



1. Olesya Malinskaya
If you only saw the picture on the right, you would think this was a Kardashian-style goddess who was born genetically blessed. But the image on the left is startlingly different, from her features to that cringe-worthy makeup. From her nose to her lips to her cheeks, she looks like an all around different girl.



2. Brookelle Mckenzie
Maybe one of the most staggering metamorphosis on this list – it doesn’t seem as though this could be the same person, but it is. The Australian makeup artist has 662k followers and a Barbie-like look. But old internet pics reveal that she’s had loads of work done, and used to be a cute, chubby emo kid! We’re really fascinated with this.

3. Alena Shishkova
You’ve seen Alena’s images all over – she’s the Instagram “it” girl with over 5 million followers, and the style, bone structure and features of a princess. But she wasn’t always such a glamorous vixen – she used to look like a simple, cute girl next door. With careful chiseling she gained her fan base and modelesque good looks, but we also like the sweet girl next door she used to look like!



4. Anastasia Kvitko
Anastasia claims that the only surgery she had was her appendix being removed, but it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at that. She’s been dubbed the “Russian Kim K”, but in her before image, she looks more like Kourtney! Her chest grew several sizes and it looks like some other stuff was enhanced as well. We’ll love you both ways, Anastasia!

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