10 Hottest Instagram Models Before Plastic Surgery


5. Svetlana Bilyalova
This goddess has the perfect body and is the pinnacle of beauty and loved by IG fans all over – but she used to just look like a normal, cute girl. Hey, we prefer that smile to the statuesque poses, but whatever makes you happy Svetlana!



6. Nita Kuzmina
This Russian babe used to look surprisingly different. While she’s transformed into one of the big-lipped, straight haired Adriana Lima sexbombs, she used to look totally different, and more similar to a member of Jersey Shore. We can’t even imagine current Nita interacting with someone like past Nita…so meta.

7. Sasha Markina
Sasha could easily pass for a cool-girl model, but before she got plastic surgery, she looks like a totally new person. Her nose looks nothing like it used to, and same for her face shape and lips. She used to be a bit plump, but presently can’t weigh more than 90 lbs. We’re still floored.