10 Hottest Instagram Models Before Plastic Surgery


8. Carli Bybel
Carli claims to only have gotten lip injections done, but she went from average pretty girl to Kylie Jenner and we have a hard time believing that the change was au naturale. Either way, this is one of the less sudden and dramatic changes we’ve seen, so props to Carli.



9. Marina Mayer
Wow. Still struggling to understand how this is the same person. With bad bangs and whatever that glitter cape jacket is, Marina didn’t look anything like the elegant, dainty-nosed future version of her current self. Either way.

10. Anyuta Rai
As with many of the transformations on this list, these surgical changes definitely didn’t try to err on the subtle side of things. Anyuta’s features looked drastically different, and she looks much more feminine than before. Apparently, she has a bit of a cockiness issue on IG, which is sad. She should think about her normal girl roots!

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