10 of the Biggest Hollywood Scandals of 2016


3. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Instagram Fight
At this point we’re rarely surprised by Justin Bieber behaving like a spoiled little brat, but while he was parading his new relationship on Instagram, some not so happy fans decided not to keep their thoughts private. That was apparently too much for Bieber, who threatened to delete his account because unless he stops getting so much “hate”. Selena stepped in and this little and very public snide convo took place.



4. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Breakup
Taylor’s breakup took an ugly turn when it was revealed that it was her who secretly wrote Rihanna’s song “This Is What You Came For”. She wanted to keep that info secret, Calvin spilled the beans on Twitter in an attempt to clear his name after Taylor and her team were trying to make him look bad. He even dragged Taylor’s ongoing feud with Katy Perry into this.

5. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Divorce
Divorces are common both in real life and in Hollywood. But this one caught everyone’s attention because according to Amber, the reason for the divorce was Johnny Depp’s violence. Amber filed for divorce and got a restraining order because Johnny Depp threw a phone at her with such force it hurt her eye and cheek. Johnny’s lawyers responded by saying that it was logical to act like that because he suspected Amber was cheating. (spoiler alert, she wasn’t). Also it’s pretty hilarious how Dior had to deal with all this, considering they’re using Johnny Depp in their advert for a perfume called “Sauvage”. Ironic, isn’t it?



6. Bieber Being Reckless
Bieber had a pretty reckless and ridiculous year. Not only did he have that Instagram fight with his ex Selena, but he also walked off a stage after just one song because “people in the first row weren’t listening”. And what’s even more ridiculous is that he punched one of his fans in the face when he stuck his head into the car Bieber was in. Anger issues much?