10 TV Shows Every Woman Should Watch On Her Own


There used to be a time when all the lead roles in TV shows were given to men. Thankfully we now live in a time where that’s not the case anymore. Sure, the world is far from perfect and same goes for Hollywood, but things are changing. Every year there are more and more shows made about women, for women. So in case you’re in the mood to binge watch a TV show, here are a couple of pretty awesome ones you should take a look at.



1. Girls
This is a show about four 20-something girls who live in New York. They go through some interesting relationships, a couple of breakups, encounter some problems on their way and find ways of solving them. It’s a very sincere show about growing up. It’s about a whole generation that finds it difficult to find their place in life, but they still persevere.



2. Orange Is The New Black
The best thing about this show is that it’s on Netflix and you can binge on whole seasons whenever you wish. The main heroine of the series – Piper Chapman – is an ordinary young woman from a happy family. Due to a mistake she made in the past, she ends up in jail for 15 months. Now, Piper’s mission is simply to survive. The series breaks all stereotypes about women and what their life is like in prison, but at the same time it’s also full of subtle irony and humor.

3. Dollhouse
A science fiction series about a laboratory the residents of which get various tasks assigned to them, but as soon as they’re completed, their memory gets erased. These residents, or dolls, can fulfill any whims, they speak all the languages of the world and have all kinds of skills. Beauty Eco is one of them, she lives in a mysterious “Doll House”. One day her memories come back to her and she starts to remember everything.



4. 2 Broke Girls
A hilarious sitcom about two girls who work as waitresses in order to save up money and full-fill their dream of opening their own successful business. To do this, Max and Caroline need to accumulate $ 250 thousand. If you’re looking for a light and funny series, then this is an excellent choice. After all, the main characters end up in a ridiculous amount of hilarious situations and often approach all of their troubles with a witty sense of humor.

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