10 TV Shows Every Woman Should Watch On Her Own


5. Selfie
Eliza can’t put down her smartphone even for a minute, she just can’t live without it. She has 263k followers on Instagram, but no friends in real life. The girl decides to change the situation and asks Henry, the marketing guru, for help. It now his responsibility to teach Eliza how to communicate in the real world. A very relevant, funny and kind show that’s definitely worth seeing. It’s a shame there’s only 1 season.



6. You’re The Worst
An unusual love story of two of the worst kind of people. A self-centered writer Jimmy and a daring PR Gretchen weren’t made for relationships, but they choose to give it a go. This show is incredibly funny and unpredictable. It’s definitely a must watch for those who are tired of watching tearful dramas.

7. Madam Secretary
Elizabeth McCord, who used to work for the CIA, becomes the Secretary of State. Her ability to think outside the box helps her to achieve success in this difficult job. The woman constantly has to balance between her career and her family. As it turns out being a wife and a mother can be more difficult than any political games.