12 Co-Stars That Didn’t Get Along


9. James Franco and Anne Hathaway
It’s quite popular to hate Anne Hathaway in Hollywood. So many people claim that she’s just way too actress-y and that she just seems fake and as if she’s acting all the time, even when she’s not really in character. Who knows, but when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars, James did get asked about that and instead of coming to his co-hosts rescue he just said that while there’s no hard feeling between the two he can see where all the Hatha-haters are coming from.



10. Nick Nolte And Julia Roberts
Nick and Julia played a couple in a 1994 movie I Love Trouble. But they hated each other pretty much from the first day on. Julia said he was misogynistic and chauvinistic, and Nick would say that she’s not a nice person either. Their feud lasted for almost 10 years, because even in 2003 Julia, in one of her interviews, said that Nick was a disgusting human being.

11. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu
While in other cases the reason for not getting along might be vague or just something like incompatibility of characters, in this particular case the reason was crystal clear. On one of the first days of filming Charlie’s Angels Bill Murray told Lucy she couldn’t act. Which must’ve felt horrible for Lucy. But hey, Bill Murray did get replaced in the sequel, so maybe she got her revenge?



12. Harrison Ford And Josh Hartnett
It’s not a secret to anyone in Hollywood that while Harrison Ford is a good actor, he can be pretty hard to work with. Josh Hartnett definitely got to experience that while working on Hollywood Homicide. The two actors literally wouldn’t even talk to each other unless they were shooting a scene. They didn’t like each other so much that they even argued during the press tour and there was some name calling.

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