12 Hot Babes from Horror and Fantasy Films


5. Jennifer – Jennifer’s Body (2009)
Megan Fox plays the role of a high school girl possessed by a Demon. And of course almost no one can resist this sexy hell creature. This role seems to be pretty easy but it’s hard not to admire this attractive character.



6. Angela – Night of the Demons (1988)
This risky gifted student leading a Gothic lifestyle will not leave you indifferent. Who knew that being interested in everything supernatural can actually make you one of them. It’s a shame that it is possible to see possessed Angela only on Halloween but it is totally worth it!

7. Neytiri – Avatar (2009)
Avatar has definitely revolutionised not only 3D films but also characters in the fantasy genre. Neytiri might be an unusual character to have a crush on but you just can’t resist her alien beauty. Pandora’s finest princess is for sure underrated for her significant impact.



8. Ari – Planet of the Apes (2001)
In the world where apes rule, it’s almost impossible to find anyone who can stand for the humans. Ari is definitely the one to look for: she is cute, passionate and supportive. Even though she couldn’t leave the planet she remained to serve a bigger purpose.