12 Photos of Celebs That Prove You Shouldn’t Mock Geeks At School


We always tend to think that those beautiful people we see on TV are just born beautiful. It’s just how they come into this world. But the truth is, that some of the most gorgeous celebrities out there had some awkward phases in their lives and looked like complete dorks in their teenage years. Seriously, if you saw them on the street or at school you’d probably mock them, that’s how unattractive they looked. Makes you wonder whether anyone saw it coming. Did people think they were ugly ducklings or did they know that they would grow up to be incredibly attractive.



1. Scarlett Johansson
A middle part was clearly a bad choice for her back then. And what are those ridiculous hair ties?



2. Dwayne Johnson
Never, in a million years would I think that this kid would grow up to be the Rock.

3. Jennifer Garner
Wow, just wow. Do we even need words for this? It’s just shocking.



4. Ryan Reynolds
Ryan might still be a silly adult, but he has come a long way from the dork he was as a kid.

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