15 Photos Of Justin Trudeau That’ll Make Your Heart Skip a Beat


In November of 2015 Canada had elected their second youngest Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau. It would have been an insignificant event for the rest of the common world until we saw pictures of Trudeau. ‘He is so dreamy!’ – a thought every girl everywhere has and oh well, we are not exceptions. And yes, he is married and has three kids, but no one will punish us for looking, right? There is no harm in staring into those angel eyes. All you need to know about Justin is that he is now a Canadian Prime minister and a leader of the Liberal Party. The most important thing you have got to know about this hunk of a man – he is probably one of the sexiest politicians alive and we are here to prove it to you.



1. We will start with a young Trudeau because duh – he was beautiful from the very beginning.



2. There he is…on a boat, just having a good time. Don’t lie: you want to join him. So do we girl, so do we.



3. Hair or no hair: we still can’t look away. And that smile, y’all… That smile is hauntingly beautiful.

4. Who ordered a sexy musketeer? Say arrrrr.



5. A man in the wilderness: we are done with this life, roll the credits. This is not fair!

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