8 Gorgeous Plus Size Models


Myla DalbesioMyla Dalbesio
‘I can never figure out where I fit in, and I’m always making someone mad. I’m not skinny-skinny, but I’m not fat and fabulous either. I’m a size 10’
The 27-years old Calvin Klein muse sparked a frenzy once she appeared in a CK underwear campaign. Some call her fat, others call her ‘not so plus-sized’. The 10-sized brunette describes her shape as being ‘in between’. She is the first full-sized model who took a place alongside the thinner ladies. It was like the millions of people who claimed models should represent normal-sized people, were finally heard. She started her career at the age of 16 and her journey has been really thorny. Firstly she suffered from bulimia and then tried to gain weight with proteins. So meet a new legendary girl who made history.