8 Gorgeous Plus Size Models


Nadia AboulhosnNadia Aboulhosn
‘But the plus industry has given me so many opportunities that I don’t ever shame it. Some people think it’s offensive to be called plus-size; other people don’t. I don’t care – you can label me what you want.’
The plus-size blogger who posts her full-figured photos on Instagram and on her website to show the world that beauty have no size. She is 26, her skin is glossy and smooth, her hair is simply voluminous and her style is just incredible. Nobody has the heart to call her fantastic curves – the ‘extra pounds’. She is a fashion runner, TV star and modeling contracts owner. Guess who is among her most dared fans? Lena Dunhem is! (I hope I’m not the only one who screamed with this fact). Each of her posts is really highly styled. Everything is close to perfection – from style to editorial work. So listen to me on behalf of her 230,000 Instagram followers and the one who pressed the regular likes to her 16-sized looks. Once you step into her world you’ll never leave it because this girl is a light of truth in the fashion industry.