8 Surprising Divorces of the Past Year


It seems like after 2016, which was a year of “realizing stuff”, Hollywood stars are starting to act on their realizations and saying bye-bye to their significant others. While nothing more needs to be said about Brad and Angelina, there are still plenty of ugly Hollywood divorces to look at. Let’s review!



1. La La & Carmelo Anthony
While the divorce papers aren’t in yet, La La Anthony made quite the statement with her dress at the MET Gala last week by showing up with rings on every finger except where her wedding band should be. Tensions are rumored to be high in the ‘Melo family after the New York Knicks star Carmelo was reportedly caught being unfaithful. Again, nothing is on paper, but a very clear message has been sent. Nothing ”melo” happening here.



2. Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac
After nearly three years of marriage Scarlett Johansson has filed for divorce. The two are reportedly going to remain business partners and co-owners of the Yummy Pop snack brand. It is, however, clear that they will share and evenly split their parenting responsibilities of their two-year-old daughter, Rose. Interestingly, Romain’s lawyers have stated that the French journalist was surprised and “blindsided” by the actress’s decision to file for divorce. Has Scarlett gone off the tracks or is their something deeper that caused their spit? Stay tuned!

3. Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyers
After nine years of marriage and two kids, Jennifer Meyers, a jewelry designer, and everyone’s favorite Spider Man split up in the second half of 2016. The couple did not disclose precise reasons for their divorce, telling journalists and friends that they have simply grown apart. The couple has decided to share their parenting responsibilities and feel that their children are mature enough to understand their decision. People do grow apart. Let’s wish them well in their separate lives.

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