9 Celebrities That Are Complete Weirdos


4. Shailene Woodley
Ok, Shailene might be cute and all, but she’s still a total weirdo, and we salute her for it! She’s a bizarro modern day hippie who brushes her teeth with clay and sesame oil, sunbathes her genitals, and wears those weird finger shoes to award shows.



5. Tilda Swinton
Tilda looks like a character out of a Tim Burton movie most of the time, and participated in an art exhibit where she slept in a glass box and people watched. Can you get weirder? Tilda is an androgynous inspiration to embrace your inner freak, and admits that when she went to boarding school she didn’t enjoy, she “didn’t speak for five years”. Intense.

6. Shia LaBeouf
Nevermind the bright purple spandex leggings that were a size too small – now he’s on the Franco train, doing weird art exhibits about himself and fame, wearing paper bags around his head to award shows that read “I am not famous anymore” and live-streaming his face in movie theaters.