9 Celebrity Friends Who Dated The Same Person


These love triangles prove that Hollywood really is a much smaller world than anyone in it would like to admit. Some of those who shared a common ex came out BFFs, and some with messy and mysterious feuds. Not sure how many of these situations break girl code, but are all bets off when your love life.



1. Selena Gomez & Bella Hadid & Weekend
This cringe-worthy situation was pretty recent, and shows that Weeknd really does like brunettes! He went from editorial model to Disney good girl gone bad. Not a terrible track record to have. Apparently Bella told Weekend that Selena’s just using him. Oof! Someone sounds salty!
01_celebrity_friends_who_dated_the_same _person _selena_gomez_bella_hadid_the_weeknd



2. Wilmer Valderrama & Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato
These two both dates Demi Lovato, and we’re not totally sure what her type is. Latino bad boy or boy band extravaganza? Take your pick! Apparently Joe and Wilmer became besties after their respective stints dating Lovato. Bromance prevails after all.

3. Katy Perry & Taylor Swift & John Mayer
People have a lot of opinions on Katy and Taylor’s shared ex. Yup, two mega pop stars
have dated the notorious womanizer John Mayer. And many speculated about a feud over their ex – but ladies, why pine over a loser when you could revel in girl power?

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