9 Celebrity Friends Who Dated The Same Person


7. Lily Collins & Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner
The ever-lovely daughter of Phil Collins and owner of immaculate eyebrows Lily Collins dated Taylor Lautner, and so did bombshell Selena Gomez? Do all girls have a “Twilight” fantasy? Well, apparently his moonlit vampy vibes got both of these cuties to fall for him!



8. Owen Wilson & Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow
The OG Taylor Swift queen of country has dated both A-list actor and A-list cyclist! Sheryl and Owen hit it off in the ‘90s, while Lance dated her in the early 2000’s, even going so far as to get engaged!

9. Lindsay Lohan & Hilary Duff & Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter might not be on our #1 list of heartthrobs, but he somehow managed to date both members of the Disney club, Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff! The two gals were actually friends before Hilary and Aaron started dating in 2000 at just 13, then moved on to Lindsay when he got “bored”, then back with Hilary, and ended up cheating with her best friend. Ugh. #noscrubs

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