Celebrities With Historical Doppelgangers That Will Startle You


Some people believe in the illuminati, and other crazy superstitions about Hollywood – and maybe it’s not for nothing! Because there are some historical figures from many years ago that look absolutely identical to some of your favorite celebrities in Hollywood. You’ll be wondering if these are some long-ago ancestors, or these stars keep reincarnating themselves. Either way, we can all agree that the similarities here are insanely uncanny.



1. Orlando Bloom & Nicolae Grigorescu
These two were both artists, but of a different variety. Nicolae Grigorescu was a famous Romanian painter, while his modern-day lookalike prefers to express himself through the acting arts. We can safely say they both spent a lot of time on their hair.
01-celebrities with-historical-doppelgangers-orlando



2. Alec Baldwin & President Millard Fillmore
It’s kind of ironic that Alec is playing a president on Saturday Night Live, and looks identical to an actual president from back in the day! Alec looks just like Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States. If acting doesn’t work out, maybe Alec can become a politician!
02-celebrities with-historical-doppelgangers-Alec-Baldwin-

3. Jennifer Lawrence & Zubaida Tharwat
Even the untrained eye can see that these two beauties have startling similarities. Weirdly enough, her twin is also a famous actress – an Egyptian one from the 1960’s. No one can argue that Jennifer Lawrence looks like a classic beauty, and now we have photographic proof!
03-celebrities with-historical-doppelgangers-lawrence



4. Sylvester Stallone & Pope Gregory
These are definitely two personalities that wouldn’t have been in the same room, even if they shared the same era! Seriously, though, their eyes are identical. That would be a fight that we would pay a lot of money to watch.
04-celebrities with-historical-doppelgangers-stallone

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