Drunk Online Shopping Fails You Should Regret But Don’t


Do you ever shop when drunk? We all know we probably shouldn’t, but sometimes the temptation is too real. While the purchases you make when inebriated might be a bit pointless, rest assured that they will be at least amusing or if you’re lucky – they might be absolutely hilarious. Here are a few examples of drunk online shopping that the owners probably should regret but don’t really.



1. Because we all need a bit of Chewbacca in our life. At least they bought it drunk. Some people buy this when they’re sober.



2. Are you even a real pet owner if you haven’t bought a dinosaur costume for your dog?



3. Who wouldn’t want a cosmic kitten shower curtain?



4. In rare cases drunk shopping can be surprisingly practical.

5. When you’re drunk and very lonely. *shudders*



6. Because how can you live your life without owning the life sized cutouts of all the most important people in the world.



7. Is it a cup? Is it a wine glass? It’s genius is what it is.

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