Famous Men Who Have Their Own Interpretation of the Perfect Woman


We’re so used to seeing George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio with the same recycled blond bimbos that these celebs who define beauty in their own way are a refreshing change. These stars found love with their leading ladies who might not fit conventional beauty standards, and we love it!



1. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness
If you don’t have a crush on Hugh, we don’t know what your type is, because he is all of them, and more. But he married a totally average looking gal that is the apple of his eye, and they just celebrated their 20th anniversary! Turns out not dating another celeb is the key to happiness!



2. Clive Owen And Sarah-Jane Fenton
Clive has had many hotties as a co-star, but no one has his heart except Sarah-Jane Fenton. He’s called himself ‘the luckiest man alive” and gives the rest of us humans hope! If she can bag a dude like Clive who ages like fine wine, she’s our inspiration. They met when playing Romeo and Juliet at acting school in London. Too cute.

3. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood
Aaron is a total hunk, and is totally into older women! Aaron and his wife Sam have a 23 year age difference, but he’s still head over heels for her. A woman with wisdom has power, we guess! She’s often makeup-free and her confidence is radiant – when you’re a queen, why worry about plastic princesses? She directed 50 Shades, so she must know a thing or two ;)

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