Non Latino Celebs Who Speak Spanish


If there’s one thing you’ll never regret in your life – it’s learning to speak another language. The more languages you can speak, the better really. It helps you understand different people and different cultures, it broadens your worldview and opens up a lot of new opportunities. So in case you’re lacking motivation in the language learning department we compiled for you a list of non-latino celebs who speak Spanish. Get inspired!



1. Kourtney Kardashian
You don’t hear about Kourtney Kardashian nearly as much as you hear about her sisters, but perhaps you should. Kourtney says she can speak Spanish pretty well and is even trying to teach her kid, Mason, to speak Spanish too.



2. David Beckham
People often think athletes, and especially football players, aren’t the smartest people. Well David Beckham is here to prove you wrong. Not only is he gorgeous and incredibly fit, he also learned to speak Spanish while he was playing for Real Madrid. How cool is that?



3. Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci might be Italian, but she can actually speak 4 languages. Italian, Spanish, English and even Persian. She even had a Spanish speaking role in A Los Que Aman in 1998.

4. Ben Affleck
Did you know that both Ben and his brother Casey lived in Mexico for a while? Well their time there didn’t go to waste, they actually picked up Spanish and are both fluent in it.



5. Kate Bosworth
Katie might look like a born and raised California girl, but she’s also fluent in Spanish. Being bilingual only adds to her charm, don’t you think?

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