Pixee Fox And Justin Jedlica Are The Real Life Barbie And Ken


Let’s start with Pixee Fox, shall we? Pixee might look a bit like Barbie, but that was never her intention. What she really wants to be is a real life cartoon character, a fantasy fairy of sorts. She was always a very athletic girl, but since early childhood has become fascinated with exaggerated curvy depictions of women in fantasy cartoons. The first thing she can remember wanting to change was her nose. She was obsessed with having a tiny little nose. At first she tried to hide her plastic surgeries. Only changing her appearance a little at a time and telling her friends and family she was going on vacation, when really she was getting plastic surgeries and using the time to heal. However, Pixee was never happy with the result. These were small changes and what she really wanted was dramatic changes. She wanted to look like a cartoon character, and as we can see she pretty much succeeded at that.

At this point in her life Pixee has spent $148 000 on her plastic surgeries. She’s had a browlift, a spider web facelift, two eyelid upper surgeries, an eyelash transplant. Her eye color was changed with colored seagreen implants, she’s had 3 nose jobs, cheek fillers and lip fillers to enhance the shape of her face and lips. Pixee also has permanent makeup tattooed onto her face. Her brows, eyeliner and lips always look the same. She’s had her teeth whitened too.