Pixee Fox And Justin Jedlica Are The Real Life Barbie And Ken


However it wasn’t just looks he was interested in. He was also fascinated by luxurious lives those more privileged and famous lead. “Additionally, the lives of famous figures like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, and Donald Trump fascinated me. These interests were instrumental to the formation of my personal view of beauty, the lifestyle I wanted and the notoriety I sought. Thus, the Justin Jedlica rendition of the “Ken Doll” was born.” – Justin eloquently points out.

His transformation started with his nose and still continues to this day. It’s unclear whether this process of constantly bettering, improving and customizing himself will ever end. It’s unlikely that it will, after all there’s no limit to perfection. Currently Justin has spent $360 000 on his plastic surgeries. He’s had shoulder surgeries, chest implants, 3 bicep surgeries, cheek implants, butt implants and 5 nose surgeries so far and he’s still not entirely happy with how he looks, so he’ll continue to improve himself.