Pixee Fox And Justin Jedlica Are The Real Life Barbie And Ken


As you can probably imagine, the sort of lifestyle Pixee and Justin lead takes a lot of effort and dedication. Their love life has suffered because of their obsession with plastic surgeries. Pixee has broken up with her boyfriend and decided to live the single life for a while, and Justin is finalizing his divorce with his husband and plans to do the same thing.

They both agree that it’s difficult to find someone who’s truly interested in them. It’s easy to attract attention, but finding someone who understands their lifestyle and wants to really be with them is a challenge. So even though they’re not romantically attached, both Pixee and Justin are happy that they’ve found each other. They both have similar views on life and understand what it takes to lead this lifestyle. They’ve since vowed to live the life of real Barbie and Ken.

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