The 10 Best Female Rappers Of All Time


Since the beginning of times the hip hop scene has been dominated by men with female MCs ignored and pushed to the background. Despite being used as ‘eye candy’ many of these talented women still managed to shine bright and build successful careers. Male-centered attitudes didn’t prevent Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill from becoming international stars. Since then dozens of women entered the rap game and showed what they were capable of. Here are 10 of the best female rappers ever.



Jean Grae
Jean Grae has spent most of her time battling in underground rap circles – and it shows in her lyrics and ferocious rhyming style. She doesn’t mind being pegged as an underground rapper, although her album ‘Jeanius’ proves that she can ride the tides of mainstream along with modern rappers who do it for a living.



MC Lyte
You can’t have a ‘best female rapper’ list without mentioning the woman who has paved the way for all the upcoming female artists. MC Lyte was the first female rapper to be nominated for a Grammy. Back in 1988 her debut album ‘Lyte as a Rock’ has taken the whole hip hop scene by surprise, proving that female rappers should be taken seriously.

Rah Digga
Rah Digga started out as a part of Busta Rhymes Flipmode Squad. She then produced her very own full-length single Dirty Harriet and first shined on the hip hop scene. She’s capable of creating hardcore gems that are both commercially viable and truly catchy. Her ‘Classic’ LP proves that she’s on the right track.



M.I.A. is definitely one of the most eclectic artists on this list. She’s done many genres of music, but got really famous after her 2003 single ‘Galang’ and the ‘Arular’ album which has been referred to as ‘unorthodox’. No matter what people say about M.I.A., she’s definitely a talented singer and songwriter capable of producing viral rhythms and funky lyrics.

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