What If Art Icons Where Hipsters?


Do you ever wonder what classical art icons would look like if they live in the modern day and age? Would they have tattoos? What kind of clothes would they wear? Would they be full time models or perhaps have a side job as a barista in the nearest coffee shop? Would they be hipsters? Those are the kind of questions we imagine Shusaku Takaoka had when he started photoshopping art icons as hipsters. He’s a Japanese Graphic Designer and you can see his work on his Instagram, where he’s already got quite a decent following of almost 40k people.



1. Sometimes you just want to break out of your old image.



2. Work it, ladies.



3. Hey Mary, you gotta check out this sick beat.

4. #StreetFashion



5. When you know you’re meant to be famous but you’re still too poor to afford uber.

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